SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SurgiWeb is the ELITE team of technical experts to give you results, not excuses. Here are some tips on hiring the best SEO team.

You need to be submitted to Google – FALSE.

You used to have to submit your website to Google and the other search engines years ago. Google will automagically index your website and if it finds quality content, it will list you in the search results.

Many SEO companies have been using the same techniques for years, when in reality, there are changes in SEO and social media on a weekly basis. If your SEO company is claiming they will submit you to the search engines, they might be using older techniques which are no longer relavant.

Backlinks will help you – FALSE.

Google used to look at the number of people linking to your website. As of the summer of 2015, they can detect people that are trying to “Fool” the search engines. Using honest techniques to get people to mention or like your website works best for SEO.

Using an http website is fine – FALSE.

In August 2014, Google announced it would give websites a 1% boost for having a secure website (https SSL certificate). Our company motto is to “Do what Google wants you to do”. After all, if you follow the rules, you will be rewarded.

Having a secure website also gives your website visitors a feeling of security and confidence and makes your website stand out from the low value ones.

SEO is only affected by the keywords and content – FALSE

As of the summer of 2015, there are now more people viewing web pages on mobile phones than computers. If your website is not “mobile responsive” Google may devalue your website to give the users a high quality experience.

While having one website for computers and another for mobile users was once the preferred method, after Twitter’s Bootstrap framework gained popularity, having a “mobile responsive” website is now the preferred method.

Have SurgiWeb help you

We will do everything possible to keep you on top of the search engines. We believe in transparency, so you will know what we are doing every step of the way and provide you will website traffic reports every week. We use hard work and consistency, not “tricks” and “hacks”.